The correct short name is “Java EE” [Java-1]

When I watch over the Internet, read some blogs or discussions. Or when I read resume (document or Linkedin). I continuously see that a lot of persons are unsure what the correct abbreviation for the Java Enterprise Edition is.

So let say it, J2SE and J2EE are dead but there is nothing named JEE !

Here are the explanation given by Bill Shannon :

There is nothing named JEE !

Never use that name!

The correct short name is “Java EE”

When the enterprise Java platform was first introduced, it was called “Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition”, with the abbreviation “J2EE”. When we revised the naming of the Java platform, we didn’t just drop the “2”.

One of the big reasons we changed the names of the platforms is because we wanted to emphasize that they’re all “Java”. The old names of “J2EE, “J2SE”, and “J2ME” don’t do that. Java is what’s important to us. Java is why we’re here. Java is the value we share. We need to make that clear to the world by talking about “Java EE”.

Please, use only the correct name “Java EE”. If that’s too much to say or type, call it “EE”. (No, not “double-E”.)



The guy was a Java architect at Sun, and now Oracle. I think he’s got the truth !

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