A commit lost in the wrong branch (git cherry-pick case) [Git-2]

I work on an Android project and I made a mistake. I have committed all my work on the wrong branch ! Now I want to repair it and I will use some git commands to achieve that goal. These commands are cherry-pick and rebase.

This article is the first of three where I explain how to correct this. The others are available here:


The current situation

I have 5 branches but the 3 most important ones are:

  • develop
  • feature/diagrams
  • feature/DesignBeautifulReceptionScreen


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Git Line ending issue (CRLF would be replaced by LF) [Git-1]


When you are playing with Git, you may encounter this situation. Which is, more than painful from my point of view:

> git add wordpress-4.4/wp-content/plugins/crayon-syntax-highlighter
fatal: CRLF would be replaced by LF in wordpress-4.4/wp-content/plugins/crayon-syntax-highlighter/crayon_fonts.class.php.

[Git-1] EOL issue with Git - git add before

This mean you have an issue with the Operating System EOL (end of line) file format.

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