Switching between java JDKs versions on Mac OS X [Shell-2]

For some reason, you want to have more than only one JDKs on your machine. So you have made the installations and want to easily switch between them.

JDKs Inventory

On MacOS, once JDKs are installed, they are located in the /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines directory. 

[Terminal-2] Switch JDKs - Terminal analysis - 965*319

As you can see in this screenshot, I have the Java 7 and Java 8 versions available on my Mac. But the 1.8 is my default one.

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The correct short name is “Java EE” [Java-1]

When I watch over the Internet, read some blogs or discussions. Or when I read resume (document or Linkedin). I continuously see that a lot of persons are unsure what the correct abbreviation for the Java Enterprise Edition is.

So let say it, J2SE and J2EE are dead but there is nothing named JEE !

Here are the explanation given by Bill Shannon :

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